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Adult Programs

Do not say, “When I will be available I will study [Torah], lest you never become available.”
-Rabbi Hillel, Pirkei Avot

  • Life-long learning is as key to Judaism as prayer.
  • Adult Education topics vary year by year as suggested by the rabbi.
  • One consistent group at Temple Israel is our weekly Torah Study where we look more closely at the week’s Torah portion, sometimes referring to the Hebrew to understand the true meaning. Rabbi Adam Bellows encourages adult students to share their thoughts and actively participate in leading the study.
  • Hebrew classes have been offered at various levels, including Beginning, Prayer Book Hebrew, Intermediate Biblical Hebrew, as well as Modern Conversation Hebrew.  Offerings vary based on need and congregational interest. 
  • Other classes discussed LGBTQ+ Issues, Talmud, Preparation for High Holy Days, and Meditation.
  • In Fall 2024, Rabbi Bellows will be offering an Adult Bet Mitzvah Class. This class will be an opportunity for people who were unable to have a B’nai Mitzvah in their youth to experience this meaningful rite of passage. 
  • Our Adult Education programs begin after the High Holy Days and run through the school year.