Yom Shlishi, 5 Av 5778

On April 27, 1849, in Lafayette, Indiana, a group of Jewish men and women banded together for the worship of one God and the teaching of Torah. With the leadership of our rabbi, it is our sacred task to carry on a tradition that is more than 3,000 years old, to practice our religion, and to teach it to one another, to our children, and to our community. We respect our Jewish traditions, while at the same time we are open to meaningful new customs and ceremonies.

With approximately 120 families, Temple Israel is an active and thriving Jewish community. In June 2006, the congregation further committed itself to perpetuating Jewish life by embarking on a year-long, multi-million dollar renovation and expansion of the current location. The project was completed and celebrated by the community in May 2007. The results included an expanded school wing, as well as a new and larger social area, which annually hosts several dinners, community programs, celebrations and life-cycle events.