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President's Letter, August 2014

on Friday, 15 August 2014. Posted in President

As I write this it is still early July and summer is all around us. I hope that your summer has been a time of recreation and relaxation. At Temple Israel summer is also a time to begin looking ahead to the new fall schedule of activities and services. It will be fall and the beginning of a new school year before we are ready.

I want to thank Gaby Cramer, Oneg Coordinator, for taking time from her summer to work on scheduling our onegs for the year. I also want to thank Stan Alexander and Rose Raskin, Co-Chairs of Pulpit and Worship, along with the rest of the PAW committee for planning some new and interesting formats for our worship services in the coming year. As we approach High Holidays, the work of this committee will only pick up speed.

Because we no longer have a Program Chair, for the last few years, planning and coordinating Temple events has fallen to various members of the Temple Board.  A big thank you to Michael and Rachel Bauer  for stepping forward to coordinate our first big event, the Welcome Back Cookout. I hope all of you will save the date and plan to attend this family, fun and food event on Friday, August 22nd.  We begin with Shabbat services at 6:00 PM.  As always, our TI Master Grillers will be fixing hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers following the service. 

Many of our committees have continued to meet over the summer to consider important business vital to the ongoing welfare of our Temple community. Both the Finance Committee and the Cemetery Committee have had challenging issues to consider this summer. Summer is a busy time, as well, for our Financial Secretary, Harriet Morrison, as she begins to receive your Comitments of Support ( AKA Pledges) for 2014-2015. I hope in the midst of your summer season, you have taken time to reflect on your support to the Temple for the coming year. And a friendly reminder that in order to receive your complimentary tickets for High Holidays, it is important to make your commitment of support by August 31st. 

As we say good-bye to summer once again and prepare for the fall, I look forward to seeing many of you at Temple for services, social events and community time.




President's Letter, September 2014

on Friday, 15 August 2014. Posted in President

Happy New Year!

 Because fall is my favorite season, I always welcome September and what I hope is the start of a beautiful season of colored leaves and crisp air. I also look forward to fall because I know it means High Holy Days are upon us—sometimes earlier, sometimes later. This year, it will be late September before we gather for the first service. Maybe with any mazel, it will feel more like fall on Rosh HaShanah this year.

It is always so joyful to gather together for these special days and to see old friends and make new acquaintances. I do hope you and yours are looking forward to the holidays as much as I am and that you will be joining the Temple Israel community at services.

This is the time of year when we are asked to renew our financial commitment to Temple Israel. I hope that you will also take a few minutes during this season of reflection to ask yourself what being a member of Temple Israel means to you. Is there some way you could step up to serve the Temple this year that you have not in the past year? Is this the year you will participate in a study group, coordinate a project or event, or offer to serve on the Board? I invite you to consider these opportunities and maybe others that are important to you and could add to the vibrancy of our Temple community for all of us at Temple Israel.

I wish you a sweet and meaningful High Holy Day season, and a crisp and beautiful fall.

L’Shanah Tova,






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