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President's Letter, January 2015

on Friday, 15 August 2014. Posted in President

Happy 2015!  As I reflect over the past year, I am thinking about all of the events and activities that happened at Temple Israel during 2014. As always, there were many different opportunities for Jewish worship, study and community. Here are a few special moments from the last months of the year.

In August we had our annual Welcome Back Shabbat service and Cookout. This year it was organized by the Bauer Family, Kathy, Roger, Michael and Rachel. We had a large crowd from every generation of the TI family and it was a lively and delicious way to start the fall.    

September ushered in another High Holiday season. Once again, we enjoyed the music of guest Cantorial Soloist, Larry Francer, the beautiful Kol Nidre Amy Branfonbrenner played on viola and the inspiring and thought provoking sermons that Rabbi Pollack shared with us.

October was the month for the annual Sisterhood Shabbat. This year there was a special guest leading music. Sandy Adland, Sisterhood District President visited from her home in Canton, Ohio and stayed to lead a workshop on Saturday morning. Several Sisterhood members gathered to talk about the future of Sisterhood and how to make it stronger. A very inspiring weekend for Temple women.

 November was a very busy month at Temple. We started the month with a delightful Saturday morning Family Shabbat service. Many of our young people were in attendance and presented a very entertaining skit based on the parash of the week.  November also saw the completion of a very successful Deli Sale under the leadership of Candace Bluestein and Michael Bauer. Once again, the Multi-Purpose Room turned in to Corned Beef and pickle Central for one Super Sunday. The month ended with an elegant evening of celebration chaired by Dianne Brodell and Brad Cohen. The evening was all about honoring our beautiful Temple building and looking towards the future of the building as we prepare to launch the new Building Preservation Fund in the summer.

Finally in December, the LJCRS Board invites all of us in the Jewish community to come together for bagels and fellowship at the first LJCRS Bagel Brunch fundraiser.  The food was amazing and the buzz of people talking and enjoying each other was even better. The month closed out with our annual Hanukah Dinner chaired again by Carol Bloom and assistants, Roxana Silvian and Deb Seders. Always a festive way to end the year.

I hope that you and your family took the opportunity to experience the many opportunities for Jewish community that Temple Israel offered this past year. And I hope that you will make time to join us in more community experiences during 2015.




President's Letter, February 2015

on Friday, 15 August 2014. Posted in President

The morning of Saturday, January 10th was another frigid and snowy morning. It was also the morning for one of our quarterly Saturday morning Shabbat services. As Mary and I prepared to leave for Temple, I thought to myself, “There will be a small group this morning because it is so cold.” Boy…was I wrong! When I walked into the multipurpose room around 9:45, what greeted me was a room humming with friendship and community. The room was full of people socializing and noshing on bagels and shmears. By the time the service started, 25-30 people were in the sanctuary celebrating the joy of a Shabbat morning together. Being at Temple that morning gave warmth and light to an otherwise cold and gray day.


Often times we may feel too tired, or too busy, or the weather is unpleasant and it is easy to give in to those things that keep us away from Temple. Or we can move through the tiredness, the busyness and the bad weather to experience the joy and the meaning that we receive when in the company of our Temple family. I recognize that pull, because even as President, there are times I would rather stay home than go to a service or event at Temple. But I know that when I make the effort to go, I am never disappointed by what I receive and I know that it is always worth the time and effort.

Taking the time to nourish our spirits in the company of other Jews is a great way to overcome the winter blahs or the “anytime” blahs. It is a time to leave the stress and demands of our secular lives behind, if only for a little while. I invite and encourage each of you in the coming months to come and be a part of the wonderful community we are blessed to have at Temple Israel. I think you will be glad you came.

With affection,


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