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President's Letter, November 2014

on Friday, 15 August 2014. Posted in President


I am very excited about a special event later this month hosted by the Temple Finance Committee and organized by Finance Committee members Dianne Brodell and Brad Cohen. On Saturday, November 22nd, there will be an evening of celebration to support our beautiful Temple building. This event is the “kickoff” for the new Building Preservation Fund. Our building is, indeed, something to celebrate.


Like many of you, I have traveled to bigger Jewish communities and been awed by the large and impressively stunning Temples in these cities. But after I get through drooling over the space, the gorgeous art and the expansive sanctuary, I come back down to earth and decide that I wouldn’t trade our building for those. What Temple Israel has is more important than expansive space or world-class Jewish art. Within the walls of our Temple there are community and joy and a space that is welcoming and warm. And for a Jewish community the size of ours, our building represents an amazing achievement. It symbolizes the commitment and dedication of those who worked tirelessly to make this building a reality in our Jewish community. It is something to be proud of.


It is now up to all of us to demonstrate equal commitment to this building, to ensure it will continue to be strong and well cared for into the future. It is for this reason that the Finance Committee recommended, and the Board approved, the establishment of the Temple Israel Building Preservation Fund. After much discussion at the May 2014 annual meeting, the amendment to the Temple constitution establishing this fund was approved by those present. This fund gives each member household the opportunity to support the maintenance of the building with an annual donation and will now be included in the yearly membership renewal mailing to begin in June 2015.


But first, it is time to celebrate, to “eat, drink and be merry,” to enjoy the company of others in our Temple community, and to just have a great time together. I hope to see all of you there on November 22nd 





President's Letter, December 2014

on Friday, 15 August 2014. Posted in President


For the last several years, I have surfed through the new Temple Member Directory to put together an informal demographic survey of who the Temple Israel community really is. Understanding the demographics is instructive to me, the Rabbi and other members of the Leadership Team in planning events and adequately serving our members. In order to give all of you a better idea of who Temple Israel really is, please allow me to share with you a snapshot of our current 2014 member profile. 


Our current household member census is 113 and here is how our households break out:


1. By age:

  1. 13 of our households are adults under 40

  2. 18 of our households are adults 40-50

  3. 55 of our households are adults 50-70

  4. 27 of our households are adults over 709 of our households have young people 13-17 living at home and 6 of our households have college age young people

2. 14 of our households have children 10 or younger at home.

3. 16 of our households are interfaith families.

4. 32 of our members are now single due to many reasons.

5. Several of our members live out of state full time and many others enjoy the warmth of other locations over the winter



Do any of these numbers surprise you? Did you realize we had so many singles? Did you think we had more youths? Is the age breakout what you expected? And what do these numbers tell us about the Temple community?


How do we continue to experience a vibrant, active and committed membership when our membership is so diverse? How do we blend the generations? And with so few members under 50 who are our future leaders? 


What does the membership really want and need from Temple and are we serving those needs?


As you can see, I have more questions than answers. Temple Israel belongs to all of us, to each of you. I hope that you will all reflect on these questions, too. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with each of you to discuss the future direction of our beloved Temple either in groups or one-on-one. Give me a call, let’s talk and together we will ensure a healthy future for Temple Israel.







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